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Chronicle Of Events

●April 2020 - international export orders soar, all kinds of electric vehicles have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions, and widely praised.

●March 2019 - the export business of electric motorcycles continues to climb, and has been exported to more than 20 countries and regions.
●September 2019 - customers from central Europe and South Korea successively visit the company and sign intention contracts.

●November 2018 - the foreign trade team was expanded to the Ministry of international trade to cultivate and introduce a number of excellent foreign trade professionals.
●August 2018 - two patent products of ttx-2w four wheel folding car and ttx-gok four wheel kart were successfully developed.

●December 2017 - the export of electric motorcycles continued to grow, and an independent foreign trade team was established.
●November 2017 - the company renewed the contract of Rhine in Germany and passed the field audit.

●December 2016, nearly 2000 electric motorcycles were exported overseas, achieving a "qualitative breakthrough" in international exports.
●October 2016 - the company renewed the contract of Rhine, Germany and passed the field audit.
●July 2016 - the revolution of the electric motorcycle industry, the research and development of the primary model of the mid mounted and mechanical shift motor was successful.

●November 2015 - Vespa, a Roman holiday, has been exported in large quantities for many times in a row and has been sold well in overseas markets.
● September 2015, the enterprise standard Q / YDH 003-2015 of Yongkang ocean industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was formulated and issued.
●August 2015 - Zuma electric motorcycle, the leading actor of China's popular urban emotional drama naked marriage era, is an honorary product of the company.

●December 2014 - ddclm's new year's micro vision of "let destiny be the master" was first launched in China, which triggered the temptation of all electric cool cars.
●July 2014 - ddclm China Forum launched the first electric cool car "cool competition network activity" in China.

●April 2013 - Roman holiday Vespa Chinese Idol TV series love band aid sponsored by the company was broadcast simultaneously on Jiangsu Satellite TV and Youku.

●August 2012 - developed two high-power electric motorcycle samples for BMW (Shanghai) Research Institute, highly appreciated by German engineers.
●June 2012 - launch of high-power 2000W panda motor.
●February 2012 - cooperate with wandefour motor to develop the first tile motor for IO company in Austria, leading to the motor revolution.

●May 2011 - obtained the "Chinese bicycle manufacturer code application certificate".
●March 2011 - the company reorganized and established Yongkang ocean industry and Trade Co., Ltd., which embarked on the road of large-scale development.

●July 2010 - Mr. Cai Junjie, general manager of the company, was invited to become the special technical consultant of high power electric motorcycle of IO company in Austria.
●May 2010 - expansion of technology R & D team, which laid a certain technical foundation for later development.

●December 2009 - the annual sales volume of high-power electric motorcycles exceeded ten thousand.
June 2009 - the establishment of Yongkang Dongcheng Cai leisure car factory.

●August 2008 - technical R & D team established.

●December 2007 - forum for the establishment of China electric motorcycle alliance.
●October 2007 - R & D of electric motorcycle rear disc brake, which gave birth to the market's first electric motorcycle with front and rear disc brake.

●December 2006 - established the business department of CAI's electric motorcycle in Dongcheng, Yongkang City.
●July 2006 - export two high cabinet electric motorcycles to the Korean market, achieving "zero breakthrough" in international export.
●August 2005 - the company launched high-end modified electric motorcycles, creating a pioneer in China's domestic industry.

●November 2004 - the two wheel electric motorcycle driven by front and rear wheel double motor (brush) was successfully developed to achieve super torque climbing performance.
●August 2004 - the first production of 1500W high-power electric motorcycle in response to the customized demand of Honda Motor global general agent.
●May 2004, Mr. Cai Junjie, the originator of China's high-power electric motorcycles, formally began to set foot in the electric motorcycle industry.